Film TSS Malta

Bringing Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Malta to Customers

New Film: see how our manufacturing capabilities and services support your product development

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Malta specializes in the development and production of O-Rings and Engineered Molded Parts. Our manufacturing facility supports you, our customer, with a range of capabilities and services aimed to support your product development and production process.

Capabilities to deliver the product you need

Our new film takes viewers on a short tour of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Malta. You will get a look inside our facility, which features:

  • State-of-the-art mixing facility and fully equipped laboratory to develop material compounds for new application challenges
  • In-house tooling competency
  • Individual manufacturing cells for each application, which include data capture technology and guarantee quality
  • Cleanliness testing
  • Coating facility to apply advanced coatings aimed at reducing surface friction and easing assembly
  • Fully automated production processes with new injection molding machines, robotics and automated inspection

Innovative production technology

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Malta invests in new technologies to support the manufacturing process. Highlighted in this film are:

  • Multi-Component technology for the production of fully bonded, multiple component pieces
  • 3D printing to support customers with prototypes and accelerate their product development process

Watch the film now to learn how Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Malta can serve you!