Get Innovative Range Of Tools & Services for Mobile Application

Mobile tools & Apps

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers an innovative range of tools and services for mobile devices.

This film is also available in High Definition (HD) so you may watch it in full screen mode after setting it to 720p.

Fluid Mechanics Calculator

This Fluid Mechanics Calculator is designed to support fluid thinkers. The app covers a wide variety of topics in the field of fluid mechanics and serves as a reference for the analysis, design, maintenance and operation of fluid related systems.

This tool provides results for different fluid mechanics equations, including those used in civil, structural, pipe flow and engineering. The app is relevant for students, engineers, analysts, researchers working in the fields of automotive, aerospace, biotechnology, fluid power, marine, mining and oil & gas.

Features at a glance:
  • Includes over 130 formulas (stop memorizing hundreds of equations!)
  • 360+ different calculations – switch equation based on the variable
  • Fast and convenient calculation of results, also supports conversion of units
  • Mark your favorites to quickly find them next time
  • Seamlessly switch between metric and inch units

Aerospace Groove selector

This app covers two of the most important SAE aerospace groove standards for hydraulic systems, AS4716 Rev B and AS5857 Rev A. It makes it really easy to find the size of grooves and hardware, and it indicates if the groove is suitable for a dynamic seal and/or a static seal. It also provides an instant conversion between inch and mm sizes.

Area & Volume Calculator

This mobile app makes it quick and easy to calculate the area and volume of predefined geometrical shapes. This tool allows users to select a shape and sub-shape, or search through the built-in collection by entering the first few letters of the shape you are looking for. When selected, the formula used to calculate the area or volume is displayed and parameters can be entered in a range of metric and imperial units.

Features at a Glance:
  • 80+ geometric shapes available.
  • Swipe through categories and shapes to select or type to search directly.
  • Have the radius but not the diameter? No problem, the Area Volume Calculator (AVC) has various calculation methods to meet the requirement.
  • Choose from metals, wood, liquids and more. Fill your shape with Almonds, Aluminium or any one of 1500 materials to calculate the weight.
  • Information on the definition of the shape and the formula used for calculation is also provided.
  • Calculate the volume directly or start with the area of a 2D shape, and then select an associated 3D shape to get the volume.
  • The calculations can be carried out in a range of Metric, Inch(UK) and Inch(US) units, from millimetres to miles.
  • Shapes are well illustrated and labelled making the app easy to use and understand.

AR Literature App

Unlock interactive content in print material from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions with the Augmented Reality Library App. Learn more about our innovative products and solutions by interacting with augmented components in diverse print materials. Download the apps and scan the pages that contain AR Icons to get access to interactive animations, videos and technical information.

Revolutionizing Hydraulic Sealing: find out more about new fluid power technologies, including lubrication management and friction optimization.
Innovations for Robotics Applications: learn about sealing technology for robotic applications and how our products contribute to efficiency and reliability in robotic equipment.

Features at a glance:
  • Scan hotspots in print material marked with the AR symbol to unlock additional content from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.
  • Learn more about our products, materials and service offering in an enhanced experience through animations, films and technical data.
  • Explore revolutionary technologies from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Healthcare & Medical Material Compatibility

This app for the healthcare and medical industry offers a quick and easy overview of which materials are compatible with different environments.

Features at a glance:
  • Cross reference 34 different materials with 35 chemical environments to find the most effective compounds for your application.
  • Up to 20 materials and environments can be selected at once, allowing quick checking of multiple materials and conditions and producing an easy to read compatibility chart which rates each material from “excellent” to “not recommended”.
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies innovative engineered solutions for demanding medical, biotech and pharmaceutical applications in thermoplastics, silicone and other elastomers.

CAD Models

This app allows users to view, rotate and zoom to examine Trelleborg Sealing Solutions products in 3-D, as well as send CAD files to any email address wherever you may be.

Features of the CAD Models App include:
  • In-app catalog of seals offers easy selection of required part via utilization of the search and filtering functions.
  • Detailed product information is shown and all models can be rotated, shrunk and enlarged to give users a full view of the seal’s geometry and design features.
  • Users can select part number and material for CAD of specific product needed.
  • Send function allows users to send CAD file (extensive range of formats available) to any email address while on the go.
Developed in partnership with TraceParts, the app aims to make CAD drawing more intuitive and easy to understand - whether in the office or on the go.

Hydraulic Cylinder Design Calculator

The is an intuitive tool for people working with Hydraulic Cylinders. Based on the inputs the user can calculate parameters for both single-acting or double-acting cylinder

Features at a Glance:
  • By simply entering the requisite dimensions of the cylinder and parameters like the pressure and oil flow, the user would be able to calculate the areas & volumes in the cylinder, extraction & retraction forces, velocity, time, outflow and ratio. The output is derived on both the Piston side and Rod side of the Cylinder.
  • The calculator is built to dynamically update the results as the user keys in the values.
  • A backward compatibility is also provided on some of the parameters (Force, Time & Velocity) to provide users with the extension of using the calculator in more user friendly environments.
  • The calculations can be carried out in both Metric or Imperial units.
  • The data provided is in conformation with ISO 3320, ISO 3321 and ISO 4393.
  • Interactive images depicting the parameters provide the user with a good understanding of the application.
  • The input and output values could be displayed in sub-units as per the requirements of the user after the calculation is carried out. This could also help the user make specific changes in units before the calculations.
  • The results can be copied to clipboard or can be sent via e-mail.

In the groove

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions issues its latest "In the groove" magazine that provides news, technical and product information on seals as well as insights into the markets they are used in. Both in print, as an interactive pdf and as a tablet app.

Printed copies can be ordered from any Trelleborg Sealing Solutions marketing company.

Installation Instructions

Unique to the marketplace, the Installation Instructions app from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is the first of its kind. Installation instructions usually feature a series of written steps with diagrams, leaving you to muddle through, hoping that what you’re doing is what the original author intended. The procedures can lose subtle details, or can be difficult to explain via words and pictures - but easy to show someone how to do in practice.

Trelleborg saw an opportunity to improve on this classic format using the latest channels. Building on existing instructions found in product catalogs, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has released an app demonstrating the correct installation techniques for a range of seals. It features a combination of film, animation and supporting documentation to give as close an experience to having the expert install the seals right in front of you.

The app covers:
  • Installing Turcon®, Zurcon® and PU seals for rod and piston (single- and double-acting) with and without pre-tensioning elements
  • Installing Oil Seals
  • Visual Inspection of seals, bore and shaft, including surface finishes
  • Common mistakes and best practice during installation
  • Use of assembly cones and installation tools

ISO Fits & Tolerances

This tool is intuitive and very easy to use, and this updated version gives even greater flexibility of use. Upon entering the nominal diameter needed, users simply select the tolerance classes for bore and shaft. The app then provides the complete ISO fits definition with all relevant values including the type of fit. Tolerances are shown for the most commonly used ISO tolerance classes, and convenient graphs illustrate these classes by bore and shaft.

Aimed at engineers, it provides results based on the DIN ISO 286 System of Limits and Fits. It is available free of charge from iTunes or via the Apple App Store on the iPhone and iPod Touch (search for ‘Trelleborg ISO Fits.’)

O-Ring Selector

Easy to use, when a user enters installation specifications into the O-Ring Selector app such as the bore or rod/shaft diameter, the app quickly calculates O-Ring and housing dimensions in both metric and inch. In addition, the app recommends O-Ring sizes according to ISO 3601, so you know exactly which part you need. The app also incorporates an O-Ring quick search facility that allows you to find O-Ring dimensions according to various international standards.

Mechanical Engineering Calculator

An excellent tool for mechanical engineers or students at university and college, the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Formula Calculator offers over 244 formulas in 16 categories, with more being added in upcoming updates. Categories include the fields of mathematics, physics and mechanical engineering. To perform calculations, all a user needs to do is choose a formula and enter the required variables. The app will then calculate the equation and display the result.

For faster and convenient calculations the Formula Calculator can be customized on an individual level.

The following categories are available:
  • Actuator
  • Algebra
  • Bearing
  • Fluid Power
  • Gravitation
  • Kinematics
  • Kinetic Energy
  • Kinetic theory of gases
  • Laws of motion
  • Oscillations
  • Properties of solid and liquid
  • Rotational motion
  • Thermodynamics
  • Trigonometry
  • Waves and sound
  • Work energy power

Sealing Materials Selector

The Sealing Materials Selector app allows you to easily search Trelleborg Sealing Solutions materials.

By simply entering material specifications, for example material group, in combination with your required parameters, such as temperature or hardness, the app instantly proposes the right materials for your need.

In addition, you can filter down your search based upon chemical compatibilities, institute approvals or by product type for O-Rings, Quad-Rings and V-Rings.

Shim Selector

The first Trelleborg app for damping solutions, the Shim Selector is designed to give Brake NVH test engineers quick and easy access to the extensive range of Shim materials used for elimination of specific brake noise problems.

With only a few parameter inputs, such as temperature and frequency, the Shim Selector will propose the optimal solution for the given noise problem. Also included is a mail notification function, making it possible to request sample material for dynamometer testing without leaving the app.

  • A brand new sound frequency detector with the ability to record the sound of a brake noise occurrence and display the frequency of noise.
  • A quick search function for quick and easy proposal of test materials
  • An Advanced Search option to specify material type and material properties
  • An audio list of the top-10 brake noises
  • Parameter input based shim material selection
  • A filtering function to refine the selection, including by type of adhesive, type of steel, steel thickness, rubber on one or two sides, material overall

Technical glossary

This app provides definitions of more than 2,000 terms from the world of sealing technology and engineering.

Not just about seals

We aim to provide a comprehensive resource for your engineering needs, to make life a little easier.

Optimized Search

Based on the search words entered, you will see an overview of applicable terms.
To make it as convenient as possible to find what you are looking for, the entries are separated into two groups.
The first group lists the terms that contain your search words in the title, and the second shows all the terms that contain your search words within the definition text.

Alphabetical Listing
You can arrange the glossary definitions alphabetically by using the "From A to Z" area and you will get an overview of all terms starting with the letter you choose. From there you can select the term of your choice to find the information you are looking for.

Tubing & Hose Selector

Specifically developed for the healthcare and medical industry, the Tubing and Hose Selector app simplifies choosing the correct tubing and hose based on input parameters such as material and pressure, giving the information instantly and removing the need to search through catalogs. The app also allows you to directly request samples or contact Trelleborg Sealing Solutions from the interface.

Unit & hardness converter

“Unit and Hardness Converter” is intuitive and very easy to use. By simply selecting the dimension and entering the value for conversion, the app offers a wide range of engineering and scientific units for each dimension. For the hardness conversion the user selects the appropriate material type table and upon entering a value, the input can be converted to other hardness scales.

It is available in English and German free of charge from iTunes or via the Apple App Store on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It can easily be found by searching for ‘Trelleborg Converter’ or ‘Trelleborg Einheiten” in German.

Rotary Seal Selector 

There are many factors in rotary applications, such as lubrication conditions, cooling and hardware surface, which have an impact on the seal type and material.
The Rotary Seal Selector app was developed with this in mind and is designed specifically to help you select the best rotary seal for your application.

Features at a glance:
  • Based on the operating parameters, seal type, size and lubricant used in your application, this tool suggests a rotary seal for your application.
  • Enhanced seal selection based on installation type (groove) and seal function.
  • Upon selecting a seal, choose from suggested materials for more detailed information on the properties and capabilities of each seal-material combination.
  • Share the results via email or copy to your clipboard.